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Counter Culture Coffee

Many of the coffees we purchase are certified organic, which is a good indicator of environmental sustainability—especially as it relates to soil health. We’re working to develop an even more holistic set of sustainability indicators and are currently field-testing a beta version of this evaluation during our farm visits this year.

The Raw Juicery

Los Angeles based Juice Cleanse and Raw Beverage Specialist. Certified Organic Ingredients, Superior Methods.


We couldn’t find delicious chocolate that fit our specs. So we made our own.

CBD Living Water

There is no other water on the market like CBD Living Water that utilizes the cutting edge approach of: Nano technology Balanced Nutrition and pH to allow Maximum Hydration Absorption and Wellness.

The Crispery

From your first bite of our crispy treat, what we call CRISPYCAKE™, you are transported back to the best part of childhood. The gooey sweetness of the marshmallow and the delectable crunch is handmade to perfection. One bite and you have entered the Crispery Zone of always soft, never hard and sticky.

Batter Bakery

Batter is a boutique bakery specializing in unique, handcrafted baked goods. Our All-American sweets are made using premium ingredients and fresh, seasonal flavors. Baked in small batches, our sophisticated yet classic treats will satisfy everything from an afternoon sweet tooth to an elegant event.